House Rules

1. All official source material allowed.

2. All players get one extra Expertise Feat AND one extra Daily Power (Attack OR Utility) of their level or lower.

3. On Rituals: Cast times are dropped to the next lower interval (1hr=30min, etc.)

4. Most skill checks in battle are minor actions, not standard actions – thanks to Gabe from Penny Arcade.

5. If you are playing a hybrid character, you get one “hybrid” feat at first level.

Martial Practices

It has been determined that the Martial Practices really don’t make sense as being exclusive to the Martial classes or requiring a feat to learn. For this reason we have decided that anyone can learn/purchase a martial practice, but doing so costs 3 times the market price if you do not have the Martial Practices feat.

In addition, many of the practices currently available appear to be profession oriented for example: Embalm, Forge Weapon/Armor, Master Artisan etc. A PC may choose one of these practices ignoring the Martial keyword in place of another background perk he/she may have recieved as lieu of one other background perk. In order to qualify for the chosen practice, the player must exhibit in character backstory how the practice was acquired. For example, a mage may have spent his childhood traveling as part of a roaming gypsies band learning to live off of the land as a vagavond, as such he gains the peerless exploration practice. This practice may be used as described in the practices’ description without penalty.

Magic Items and Daily Uses

Normally you can only use one Daily magic item power per milestone, and any particular item can obviously be used only once per day.

We have houseruled it such that you can use any number of Daily magic item powers, but still you can only use an item with a daily power once per day.


1. “Worn” item slots (neck, head, armor, arms, hands, feet, waist, and fingers) have been “attuned” to you. If you use a magic item worn in one of those slots, you have to wait until after your next extended rest to use a different item in one of those slots. For example, you can not use a pair of gloves, switch them for a different pair, and then use the other pair… only to switch them again and use a 3rd pair all without taking an extended rest. You can’t carry 3 shields around with you and switch them out, using one after the other during a single encounter… you get the idea.

2. “Used” items (Consumable Items, Misc. Magic, Implements and Weapons) can be interchanged at will. Be forewarned though, if you are carrying 4 staffs, you had better explain HOW you are doing so. :D Example, you have a Wands of Ray of Enfeeblement… you could use one to cast Ray of Enfeeblement, swap it out, then use the other to utilize the Daily power again (since they come from 2 different items). Another example, you can use your Flaming Shortsword to do an extra d6 fire damage on an attack, plus the ongoing 5 Fire damage, then in the very next round, use your Feather Boat to create an escape for the party.

Encouraging Rituals and Alchemy

If a PC has one of the “Ritual” type feats (Perform Ritual, Alchemy), then they have their level in “free” uses per level. For example, say character X hits level 6. While he is level 6 he can perform (without paying the component cost) up to his level in rituals. Some examples of character X when he is level 6:

X performs a level 1 Ritual, as well as a level 5 ritual for free.
X performs one level 6 ritual.
X performs six level 1 rituals.
X performs three level 2 rituals.
Now, keep in mind that this in no way means that X can’t do other stuff too. These are just the “free” rituals/alchemical items. This basically just reflects the fact that as he is traveling and leveling, character X is picking up bat guano here and there, a pinch of spiderweb in another place, the eye of a wyvern somewhere else… Make sense? Note that this resets every time a character levels. You can’t “store up” free rituals. Also, please RP the collecting of components whenever you are able. If a DM feels that you haven’t made any real effort to RP gathering components, he has the right (heck, I’d say he is encouraged) to deny your character this perk.

There are two exceptions that immediately come to mind (maybe we will find more as time goes on). 1. The magic item creation rituals are exempt (obviously). You can’t create a +2 magic sword for free when you are level six. 2. DM approval is required. There could very well be some other ritual besides the magic item creation rituals that we will come to realize is broken in this context.

House Rules

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